Hacettepe University Faculty of Education - Message of Dean

Our Esteemed Faculty members and dear students,

As of 18.01.2018, I have been appointed as the Dean. From this date, I would like to express that I propose we, as all academic and administrative staff working at the Faculty of Education, should wholeheartedly carry out our tasks within the framework of unity, solidarity, love and respect in order to provide the most efficient working environment.

Hacettepe University has also valued artistic and cultural activities as their main task in addition to their educational, research and social responsibility duties. The University, while carrying out these tasks, considers some basic values as participation, respect, foresight and aesthetic. We, the academics of the Faculty of Education, will not only try to strengthen these values in our University but also show superior efforts to raise individuals who have internalized these values so as to make our Faculty more successful and more qualified.

I, as the family of the Faculty of Education, wholeheartedly believe that we will be able to provide the students of the Faculty of Education with the required contemporary knowledge and technical skills both for today and future conditions along with the aim of raising teachers who can create values for our country and and make difference.

I deeply believe that, in order to TO THE LEADING EDGE… TOWARD BEING THE BEST....” our Faculty of Education,  we will altogether create a peaceful and productive working environment through an approach that attaches importance to education, research, and science by considering academic merits with the approach of a transparent, fair and respectful management.

Love and best regards,

Prof. Dr. Ayhan YILMAZ

Hacettepe University Faculty of Education


E-mail: ayhany@hacettepe.edu.tr

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